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Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs

Jennifer Ponson Jewelry Designs


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Jennifer Ponson is a jewelry designer based in Pensacola, Florida.

She draws inspiration from the historic coastal community that is abundant with nature and idyllic scenery. You could say that Pensacola's emerald green coastline and white quartz sand filled Jennifer's subconscious spirit with Earth's never ending beauty.

But it wasn't until later in life that she began looking at semi-precious stones with a
sense of awe and admiration. In fact, it was at her daughter's request to educate herself on the subject of geology for the sake of conversation that she ever took interest. Jennifer's daughter studied
geology in college and simply wanted to be able to talk with her mother about the
subject. This request pushed Jennifer over the edge into what she now calls an

Early in Jennifer's professional career, she worked as an orthodontic assistant, which is where she learned the skill of wire bending - a process that laid the foundation for her artwork today. Her work is the result of a lifetime of looking at the world a little differently, and it's a reflection of mind that is constantly seeking all that is


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